Sustainable Holiday Destinations:Ttop 5

  1. The Azores, Portugal

In the Azores you are soon assured of an eco-holiday. This beautiful Portuguese island group has been promoting sustainability for years. The energy used is for the most part green, water consumption is well regulated, the underwater world is protected and the islands themselves are also very well maintained.

  1. Greece

All-inclusive holidays under the Greek sun are increasingly making way for eco-trips to smaller, lesser-known islands. Zakynthos in particular has been focusing on ecotourism for years and in 2012 created the non-profit organization Eco Zakynthos . You can walk and cycle endlessly in nature, there are many camping options or you can stay in countless agritourism.

  1. Costa Rica

Because the country has enormous biodiversity, the largest in the world, and wants to preserve it, ecotourism in Costa Rica has been a fact for years. Everything is being done to protect flora and fauna and the goal is to be completely carbon neutral by 2021. Two years ago, 90% of the energy used in Costa Rica already consisted of green energy!

  1. Kenya

Seven years ago, Kenya was chosen as the best destination for sustainable travel at the World Travel Fair in Shanghai . Fortunately, they still hold that honorary title. The African country owes its sustainable image mainly to hotels and lodges that use solar energy, waste recycling and water conservation.

  1. Portland, Oregon

Portland was voted last year’s most environmentally friendly and livable city in the world. With 510 kilometers of cycle paths, an efficient public transport network, the highest number of square meters of city park per inhabitant in the United States and the largest concentration of vegetarian and vegan restaurants, the city has much to offer. Do you want to go on an eco-city trip? Go to Portland!